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How It Works

Based on the patients payday cycle, the Patient Preferred underwriting platform automatically withdraws the payment the same day the patient is paid. For those patients who are paid twice a month, two withdrawals are taken. (Based on the agreed monthly total payment...(example: $100 per month payment is taken out $50.00 every two weeks…or $25.00 every week based on how the patient receives their monthly revenue)

Most Americans are paid using direct deposit.  Patient Preferred using the same technology to debit the patient's payments (Direct Debit).

The patient's paycheck is deposited into their checking account, and Patient Preferred is waiting to debit the patient payment seconds later. We collect over 98% of every dollar owed our clinics every month by being a "proactive" payment processor.

It’s just that easy…and extremely effective!

Since Patient Preferred takes the doctor’s payment on the patient’s pay cycle, the collection rate is near perfect. (Less than a 5% delinquency)

Providing Payment Knowledge within Seconds

Using state of the art “cloud based” technology developed over many years of experience in underwriting millions of dollars in consumer finance, Patient Preferred’s sophisticated consumer underwriting model can evaluate a patient’s “ability to pay” in less than 10 seconds.

This powerful information allows the healthcare provider to make a quick, but educated decision about offering a “payment arrangement” to each individual patient.

Using many different data points to evaluate each individual, our systems are unlike anything available on the market today. This tremendous tool does it all in just seconds, and while the patient is still in the office, the decision can be made and the plan implemented.

No waiting, filing out pages of complicated forms, or requiring the patient to answer intrusive questions. Forget about the mountains of personal information and paperwork required by some systems to render a simple opinion which is often based on outdated information.

Patient Preferred’s simple electronic forms make the process easy to explain and even easier to use. Many of our arrangements are completed in less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

All that is needed from the patient or legal guardian is a valid checking account and an e-mail address for notification purposes. Patient Preferred does the rest.

Patient Preferred's Quick Qualifier

Why waste valuable clinic and patient time on a patient who simply does not qualify for a payment plan? Patient Preferred's Quick Qualifier qualifies any patient in less than 3 minutes with nothing more than their current checking account information.

The patient not only qualifies for their treatment plan amount, but is also qualified for their "maximum" payment plan total so both the clinic and the patient can discuss additional treatment plan options which the patient now qualifies for.

Quick Qualify is a patent pending product available only from Patient Preferred.

A Credit Score Does Not Tell the Whole Story

The Patient Preferred evaluation model is based on so much more than just a traditional credit score and history. Unfortunately, many of today’s health care finance organizations rely solely on a patients current credit score to base their credit decisions. These scores can be very misleading, out of date, and simply inaccurate. In many cases, these arbitrary credit scores reject a patient, and their health care needs unnecessarily. Patient Preferred NEVER views or "hits" a patient's FICO credit score!

Patient Preferred turned the “ability to pay” model into a science, and we use that science to benefit both patient and provider hundreds of times every day.

Patient Preferred systems use the patient’s checking account along with several other advanced indicators combined with sophisticated consumer credit evaluation experience. All of these parameters were used to build a computer system unmatched anywhere on the planet.

What Happens If There is a Problem?

Should the patient change/close their checking account, or any other payment problem arise, Patient Preferred will know about the problem first…sometimes even before the patient does.

Patient Preferred’s customer service team will contact the patient to fix any payment problems before they become collection nightmares. Based on the requirements of the health care provider, the doctor’s team can be notified as well should a payment problem arise and together with Patient Preferred a resolution can be outlined and then presented to the patient.

All of Patient Preferred’s systems and processes can be configured to the operations of each health care office when it comes to patient contact so quality and consistency in patient contact is always maintained to the highest levels.

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