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Serve More Patients

The Cost of Convenience and Serving More Patients

Health care clinics are charged by the payment plan industry processing fees of all shapes and sizes. From processing to actual collected fee reductions, the industry is loaded with hidden fees and charges. Not Patient Preferred. Everything we do for the clinic including processing, live support (patient and clinic) software, website, monthly accounting, and dispute resolution is all included in our $250.00 per month subscription. No matter how many payment programs, support calls, or processing required. Unlimited use is just $250.00.

There is no better value in health care payment processing than Patient Preferred.

Training the Office Staff

Dealing with money is a tough situation for many back office staff. Patient Preferred will train every staff member who needs access to our program forever. Despite turnover, new staff hires, or simply a refresher course, our training team is there. Subscription fee is charged at the beginning of the program, and that's the only fee for training that will ever be charged no matter how many people or refresher courses are needed. 

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