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The Cost of Convenience and Serving More Patients

Patient Preferred’s program is free to the doctor… yes, free. Our program was designed to be of no cost to the provider’s office. We do not charge a setup fee, initiation fee, or monthly maintenance fee.

"A small 'service fee" is added to each patient payment. Patient Preferred's "service fee" is regulated by each state, and is set by law. Unlike many other payment processors, Patient Preferred monitors and follows all state and federal consumer protection laws.

Our patient fees are not only the lowest in the industry... they are set by law.

Typical service fees add just a few dollars per month to the patient payment and are thoroughly and simply explained by the doctor’s staff up front and directly so the patient understands everything… every time.

Training the Doctor’s Team to become better Solution Advisors:

Patient Preferred works closely with the doctor’s patient facing staff to help them serve patients better. We value these office professionals, and work with them to help get their patients the care they need. As part of the start-up process, Patient Preferred will send one of our experienced training team to the clinic to not only install, set-up, and train every patient facing team member, but they will also discuss how to present patient financing to a patient. This half day session is one of the most powerful and productive parts of the Patient Preferred program. The cost of this program is small compared to the results it will generate, and comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee.

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