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The Payment Challenge

When a patient is facing a large treatment plan, the first thing that enters their mind is, “How can I afford the treatment that I need?” Our innovative program is tailored specifically to meet the growing gap between traditional financing options and ability of today’s consumer base to qualify for them while maintaining flexibility in the underwriting and terms of the arrangement.

Even after the doctor’s talented coordinator staff has exhausted every option such as:

  • Insurance
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards

Too many times patients simply do not have enough money to pay for their health care at the time of service. Even covering a larger down payment is often impossible for many patients forcing them to leave the office in search of money. Most NEVER return resulting in a poor experience and even worst reference for the clinic.

Patient Preferred can approve 3 out of 4 patients for a customer payment plan. We often succeed in making health care affordable while the other guys simply say "NO" Patient Preferred is the only payment plan program that allows a patient to make payments toward their down payment making many larger treatment plans affordable for most patients.

Patient Preferred Completes the Payment Process

With Patient Preferred, the doctor can extend a “payment plan” to the patient for that remaining amount not covered by the traditional options outlined above.

In less than 10 seconds, Patient Preferred’s proprietary underwriting platform can rate the patients “ability to pay” and give the doctor’s treatment team the option of offering a simple, payment plan for the final amount needed to secure the treatment the patient needs.

During our decision process we review hundreds of individual data points to ensure proper qualification of the patient – and we do it in seconds.

From $100 to $75,000, Patient Preferred prepares and administers a simple payment plan between the patient and the doctor. The doctor’s team sets the amount, payment terms (up to 72 months) and which patients and procedures qualify to receive the payment option.

Although Patient Preferred will accept or decline a patient based on industry best underwriting rules, the doctor’s team is always free to offer a payment plan to any patient anytime and Patient Preferred will administer the arrangement.

It is the doctors program! Patient Preferred just makes the team smarter, and provides one more way to serve their patients… and all at the speed of light!

Payments Made Easy:

Patient Preferred uses the latest in electronic payment technology to withdraw the patient's payments directly from their checking account and then automatically deposits the payments in the clinic's bank account. There is NEVER a need for invoicing, reminder calls, late payment charges, depositing paper checks, or the time consuming task of handing patient payments.

Patient Preferred's "Down Payment Plan" allows a patient to start making payments today toward their down payment requirements of most larger treatment plans, and the clinic to schedule their treatment in the future. Once the patient payments have satisfied their down payment amounts, the treatment plan can be completed. This program allows hundreds of patients to afford more expensive procedures and protects the clinic from treatment plan expenses without a down payment.

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